Ballard County, Kentucky

Historical Marker #826 in Wickliffe notes the naming of Ballard County after a War of 1812 veteran.

Born in Virginia in 1761, Bland Ballard moved to Kentucky in 1779. He quickly saw military service on the frontier, fighting Native Americans. The frontier conflict brought tragedy to his family. In 1788, Ballard's father, stepmother, and several siblings were killed by Indians in present-day Shelby County. Some historians later claimed that Ballard "killed thirty to forty Indians in battle to avenge the murder of his family." He also represented Shelby County in the state legislature and fought at the Battle of the River Raisin during the War of 1812.

Ballard died near Shelbyville in 1853, and his body was later moved to the Frankfort cemetery. Ballard County was formed and named in his honor in 1842.


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