Scovell Hall

Given to the University of Kentucky by the class of 1998, Historical Marker #2009 commemorates Scovell Hall. The building was opened in 1905, with major additions in 1913 and 1937. Utilizing colonial architecture, it was the largest building on the campus for many years. Until the mid-1990s, it served as a center of agricultural research, extension programs, and academic activities.

It was named for Melville Amasa Scovell, Ph.D. (1855-1912). He was the first director of the Experiment Station from 1885-1911 and the second dean and director of the College of Agriculture from 1910-1911. During his tenure, staff increased from 3 to 60, the number of departments grew from 2 to 11, and the agricultural farm expanded from 48.5 to 240 acres.

The UK Senior Challenge Historical Marker Project, administered by the Kentucky Historical Society, began in 1994 as a way for the graduating senior class to leave a memorial to the university. Every year since then, the UK historical marker committee has decided on the topic, raised the money, and written the text for the markers.