Daniel Boone's Grave

Historical Marker #113 commemorates the gravesite of Daniel Boone, who was reinterred in the Frankfort Cemetery in 1845.

Kentucky artist Paul Sawyier often worked in the Frankfort Cemetery where one of his subjects was the memorial monument to Daniel Boone. In Sawyier's painting of Boone's monument one can see Frankfort in the left background through a break in the trees.

During the autumn of 1913, Sawyier left Kentucky for Brooklyn, New York, where he lived for some time with his sister, Lillian Hill. Eventually, he moved to upstate New York to the Catskills region and settled in the small artist colony of Highmount. In 1916, he moved to neighboring Fleischmanns.

Although Sawyier had left Kentucky, images of the Bluegrass State's beautiful landscape still lingered in his mind. Many people believe that his most artistically successful landscapes were executed in his years in New York. There, Sawyier began painting almost exclusively in oil instead of watercolors. In addition to painting Kentucky scenes, he completed several paintings of Central Park, New York Harbor, Jamaica Bay, and the Catskills.

Sawyier died on November 5, 1917, in Fleischmanns, New York, from a fatal heart attack. He was initially buried in a cemetery near Fleischmanns, but was reinterred in the Frankfort Cemetery on June 9, 1923. The inscription on his tombstone states, "He Loved and Painted Nature."

Today, the Kentucky Historical Society has the world's largest collection of Paul Sawyier paintings.



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