Crash of AA Flight 383

Historical Marker #2343, located in Constance, memorializes American Airlines Flight 383, tail #N1996. The airplane crashed into a hillside as it made its approach for landing on November 8, 1965 at approximately 7:01pm. 62 people were on board the flight, four of whom were Kentuckians. One crew member and three passengers survived.

The 3-engine Boeing 727 was operating a regularly scheduled flight from New York, LaGuardia Airport to Cincinnati. A line of rain showers were moving into the area from the Northwest as the plane approached for landing. The flight had been cleared for a visual landing and the control tower was in contact with the aircraft crew. The last communication with the tower was 5 seconds before impact and the crew showed no awareness of their low altitude.

The investigation by the Civil Aeronautics Board determined the probable cause of the accident was due to failure of the crew to properly monitor the altimeters during a visual approach into deteriorating visibility conditions. As a result, all airlines modified their training manuals, and pilots were re-oriented to the characteristics of this safe aircraft. A new and safer 7800 foot east-west runway was completed in April 1967.