Family Services Association of Boyle County

A helping hand to those in need for more than a century

Historical Marker #2527 celebrates the 100+ years that the Family Services Assocaition of Boyle County has worked to improve the lives of local residents. 

Founded in the second decade of the twentieth century, the organization that became the Family Services Association of Boyle County drew on the contribtions of locals to apply to latest models of social work to adress the challenges of the era. The group strove for real solutions to the evolving problems that Boyle Countians faced, including during the difficult years of the Great Depression. The men and women who have kept the assocatition running for more than a century have played key intermediary roles for many struggling Kentuckians, helping them to identify and access resources to meet their needs. 

Dr. Milton Scarborough of Centre College, who has longstanding ties to the Association, was instrumental in getting the historical marker placed. It serves as a capstone to his research into the history of the organization, which also yielded a book, A Century of Compassion at Community House: A History of Family Services Assocation of Boyle County, Kentucky. 

Historical Marker #2527 was dedicated October 13, 2017.

The marker reads:

Family Services Association of Boyle County

On June 1, 1916, representatives
of local churches, civic clubs and
Centre College, inspired by Hull
House and the Progressive Era,
founded the Community Work Board
(CWB), which made social work
scientific, opposed begging; gave
coal, meals, and clothes to the
needy; taught woodworking, cooking,
sewing, chair-caning. It opened
a public laundry, bath. Over.

Assisted the FERA, WPA, CCC and 
trained Depression workers for 
other counties. Started playground
and Bible school; provided space
for Red Cross & Habitat for
Humanity. Helped start what 
became the United Way and
established the Senior Citizens
Center. Adopted the name "Family
Services Association of Boyle 
County" in 1970.