Wisertown / St. Andrew's Church Road

Historical marker #2551 commemorates the Wisertown settlement that once existed along St. Andrew's Church Road in southwestern Jefferson County.

When John Wiser moved to the area in 1817, he was one of the early white settlers to make their homes in this region. He married Luzanna in 1821 and they purchased the farm in 1838. The farm was hundreds of acres that included the current site of Doss High School and Trunnel Elementry and stretched past the ridgeline behind the football field today. The couple eventually built the St. Andrew's Church and Cemetery, both of which passed on to the Catholic Church. 

As John and Luzanna's descendants and extended relatives multiplied, the area came to be known as "Wisertown." The large farm was also subdivided as each generation passed a portion to their children. It's location near Louisville also meant that the area grew and became increasingly developed during the late 19th and 20th century, including a post office, hotel and train depot that was staffed by Ms. Ella Murphy for many years. In 1966, after the Jefferson County School Board purchased the farm from Charles Clements (Clem) Wiser, the original farm house was demolished and Trunnel Elemetery and Doss High School were constructed. The marker near the driveway into the high school serves as a reminder of the connections linking the 19th-century farm to the 21st-century school. 

The marker was dedicated on March 18, 2018. The event was well-attended and the crowd included many members of the Wiser family. Attendees were treated to remarks from Steve and Robin Wiser, the great-great-great grandson and great-great granddaughter, respectively, of John and Luzanna Wiser, as well as some words on the family history from Rusty Weber, a genealogist who married into the clan. Principal Todd Stockwell of Doss High School, Louisville Metro Council Member David Yates, and Andrew Patrick from the Kentucky Historical Society also gave brief remarks in commemoration of the marker and the history it represents. 

The marker reads:
Area once known as Wisertown. Descendants and extended family of John (1793-1877) and Luzanna Wiser (1804-1873) lived here, including Gagels, Arnolds, and Webers. John came here 1817, married Luzanna 1821, bought farm 1838. They built St. Andrew's Church and Cemetery then gave to Catholic Church. Wiser farm now site of Doss HS and Trunnel Elem.

Intersection with Dixie Hwy once had post office, hotel, and train depot. Ella Murphy was depot agent for many years. Doss HS and Trunnel Elem opened 1967. Thomas Harry Doss was Jefferson Co. School Board chairman. Bertha Trunnel was long-time educator. Now called Pleasure Ridge Park, formerly known as Wisertown.
Sponsored by Wiser descendants



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