Daniel Boone's Settlement / Scholl's Station - Schollsville

Daniel Boone's Settlement / Scholl's Station - Schollsville

Historical marker #2537 commemorates the settlement established by Daniel Boone and the community of Schollsville that subsequently developed on the land. 

The two sides of this marker tell two deeply-intertwined stories, the likes of which played out thousands of times during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries across what became the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Side one tells how Daniel Boone picked the plot to establish a homestead and the way in which he claimed the land by making an improvement and planting a crop of corn. The improvement meant a rough wood structure and along with the corn represented the investment of labor that earned a potential settler the legal right to the land. Boone's claim was approved by the Virginia Land Commission at Fort Boonesborough in 1779 and the tract was surveyed by William Hays in 1783.

Yet after estblishing a claim and starting a settlement, Boone ultimately sold the 1,000 acre preemption to William Scholl. It was the extended Scholl family that subsequently developed the land which eventually came to bear their name. William's sons, Abraham, Joseph and Peter, built a frontier station on the tract for protection from American Indians who disputed the white settlers claims to the land, often violently. Dividing the land's history into Boone and Scholl periods, however, is a bit misleading since the two families were bound together through marriage. Joseph Scholl married Levina Boone, Daniel's daughter, and Peter Scholl wed Mary Boone, Daniel's niece. Over the subsequent decades, the settement continued to grow and thrive and eventually included a church, a school, a post office and several stores.

A nice crowd turned out to help dedicate the marker and were treated to a fun event hosted by Mt. Folly Farm. Speakers included Laura Ann Freeman, co-owner of Mt. Folly Farm, Andrew Patrick of the Kentucky Historical Society, Nancy Turner the Executive Director of Winchester-Clark County Tourism Commission, Henry Branham the Clark County Judge Executive, representatives of Boonesboro and Elkhorn City and a dedication address by local historian Harry Enoch. The marker was unveiled by Talitha Quisenberry Grigsby Reid Freeman a longtime resident of Clark County. The dedication was followed by a reception of the Rash Flynn Cabin on Mt. Folly Farm.

The marker was dedication on April 18, 2018.

It reads:

Daniel Boone's Settlement
Daniel Boone selected this site
at present-day Schollsville for 
his settlement in Kentucky by 
making an improvement here
and growing corn in 1775 & 1776.
The Virginia Land Commission 
approved his claim in 1779 at 
Fort Boonesborough. William Hays
surveyed the lands in 1783. Boone
sold the settlement and 1000-acre
preemption to William Scholl.

Scholl's Station - Schollsville
Abraham, Jospeh & Peter Scholl,
sons of William, established this
frontier station in the 1780s. 
Joseph married Levina Boone,
Daniel's daughter. Peter married
Mary Boone, daught of Daniel's 
brother Edward. Schollsville was
once a thriving community with a
church, school, post office and 
several stores.
Presented by Mt. Folly Farm