Historical marker #2543 celebrates the history of "Suffolk," an early settlement in what became Butler County.

The initial white settlement in this area was called "Bluff" and likely drew its name from a physical feature, a bluff overlooking the Green River. It was established in 1803, prior to the creation of Bulter County out of Logan County in 1810. "Bluff," which became Suffolk, was selected out of a recognition of the importance of the Green River to the agricultural and commercial development of the region, which were the overarching goals that drove westward expansion and settlement. 

Like many communities in Kentucky, Suffolk was carved out of a tract of land granted for service in the Revolutionary War. The fact that Jason Riddick's compensation for his participation in the Revolution included the land that his son Thomas later divided into townlots for Suffolk illustrates many of the common features that characterized the settlement of Kentucky and the expansion of the new United States. Ultimately, Suffolk did not thrive as its founders envisioned, but its successor city of Rochester continues to carry on Suffolk's significance. 

A lively crowd was on hand to officially dedicate the marker on May 12, 2018. The audience enjoyed remarks and presentations from Roger Givens, Butler County Chairman for the Kentucky Historical Society Marker Program, David Fields, Butler County Judge Executive, Martha Roe, Mayor of Rochester and Sarah Schmitt, Oral History Administrator at the Kentucky Historical Society. Boyd Truelove, Committee Chairman for the Suffolk Marker Project, delivered the dedication address. Members of the General Richard Butler Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution unveiled the marker and the group's color guard performed the national anthem. A reception was held after the dedication at Rochester Park. 

The marker reads:

The town of Suffolk, originally
called "Bluff," established here
by Logan Co. Court in 1803. Site
recognized importance of Green
River for future development of 
valley and State of Kentucky. The 
court appointed trustees: Reuben
Browning, Hezekiah Hargrave,
Jacob Haws, Andrew Lovelace and
William Forsythe. Over.

When Butler County formed in 
1810, Suffolk was the only town.
Thomas Riddick laid out 104 half-
acre lots for town plat from his
father Jason's Revolutionary
War land grant. Although Suffolk
failed, it became predecessor of
the town of Rochester, an 
important shipping point on
the Green River, founded in 1839.
Sponsored by the Gen. Richard Butler Chapter, S.A.R.