Marker #1322 Lieutenant General Field Harris, USMC

Historical Marker #1322, in Versailles, Kentucky, commemorates Lieutenant General Field Harris, a Navy Aviator, who served during World War II and the Korean War.

Field Harris was born in Versailles, Kentucky, in 1895, and in 1917, he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. After he completed three tours in Nevada, Cuba, and the Philippines, Harris attended a year-long course at the Marine Corps Schools. Following this endeavor, he received flight training. Harris was named a Naval Aviator on April 13th, 1929. He then went on to study at the Air Corps Tactical School and the Naval War College at Newport. He graduated in 1939 and served in Quantico, Virginia; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; and Cairo, Egypt until the Second World War began. Harris was the Chief of Staff to the Commander Aircraft at Guadalcanal and Northern Solomons. This position awarded him the Legion of Merit two times. And in 1944, he received the Gold Star for serving as the Commander of Air for the Green Island Operation of WWII. He continued up the ranks until 1950, when he was sent to Korea as a Commanding General, First Marine Aircraft Wing. General Harris was stationed in Korea until 1953, he retired amid the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Upon retirement, he returned to Kentucky and worked as a librarian at the Kentucky State Law Library for the remainder of his life. General Harris passed away in 1967 and was buried at Pisgah Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Marker #1322 was dedicated in 1970 by the Kentucky Historical Society and the Kentucky Department of Highways. It reads: Lt. Gen. Field Harris, USMC (1895-1967). Commanding general of US Marine Air Wing at invasion of Guadalcanal, 1942, WW II; and Korea, 1950. US Naval Academy, 1917. WW I. courageous and inspiring leader. His 21 combat decorations included army and navy Distinguished Service Medals, Legion of Merit wit 3 Gold Stars, Order of British Empire. Buried in Pisgah Cemetery.
(Reverse) Military Forebears. Lt. Gen. Field Harris, USMC, ancestors included: William Field, came to Ky. with Harrod, then fought in Dunmore's War, 1774. Col. John Field, killed at Point Pleasant, Dunmore's War, 1774. Capt. Benjamin Field, Revolution, 1780-81. Col. Ezekiel Field, Revolutionary War, died at Battle of Blue Licks, 1782. Gen. E. H. Field, a parade marshal at ceremonies of Boone reinterment, 1845. Fought in Mexican War, 1847. Gen. Charles Field, CSA, great Civil War leader who commanded half Lee's army, the only effective fighting force left to surrender at Appomattox.