Lincoln's Home at Knob Creek

Historical Marker #2297 recognizes Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home near Knob Creek. Lincoln's earliest memories centered around the Knob Creek Farm. The Lincoln family, Thomas and Nancy and their son Abraham and daughter Sarah, moved to Knob Creek when Abraham was two years old. Lincoln attended his first school near Athertonville and helped on the farm as much as a child could with such tasks as
planting seed.

The farm was located on the busiest road in the region, the Louisville-Nashville Turnpike, and there is no doubt that Lincoln saw and learned from the wide variety of men and women traveling the road – soldiers marching past during the War of 1812, stagecoach traffic, peddlers, and slaves being taken to distant markets.

Due to disputing claims to the land at Knob Creek, Thomas Lincoln moved his family in 1816 to Indiana, which had a federally-managed land grant program.