Frank Duveneck (1848-1919)

Historical marker #1854 in Kenton County recognizes the artistic contribution of Frank Duveneck, whose home was in Covington, Kentucky. In addition to painting, Duveneck was on the faculty of the Cincinnati Art Academy. There, in 1891, noted Kentucky artist Paul Sawyier studied under Duveneck.

In 1889, Sawyier left Kentucky for New York City, where he lived in the same boarding house as his sister, Lillian. He began taking classes at the Art Students League, where he was taught by William Merritt Chase. It is believed that Chase had an influence on Sawyier's later stylistic development into Impressionism.

Long after leaving the Cincinnati Art Academy, Sawyier visited Duveneck whenever Sawyier traveled through Cincinnati. According to Sawyier's friend Rose Stoddard Grimes, Sawyier regarded Duveneck as "a wonderful teacher," and said he "owed much to his instruction." Fellow painter Martin Rettig said that Sawyier "came to know Duveneck well, and Duveneck soon became appreciative of his ability and very fond of him." Furthermore, Rettig quoted Sawyier as saying, "William Chase is alright, but I like Frank Duveneck better." Under Duveneck, Sawyier studied overall composition which was more important to Sawyier since his interest was in painting landscapes.

Today, the Kentucky Historical Society has the world's largest collection of Paul Sawyier paintings.



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