Paul Sawyier Library

Historical Marker #2293 is located at the Frankfort public library, which is named in honor of noted Kentucky artist Paul Sawyier. The building that initially housed the library was the former United States courthouse and post office. The current Paul Sawyier Public Library was established next door in 2008. The United States courthouse and post office building was frequently featured in Paul Sawyier's paintings.

Biographical studies of Paul Sawyier have been difficult to write. As an artist, he rarely dated his paintings and he kept no diaries or notebooks describing his life and work. Much of what has been written and documented regarding Sawyier's life has been through the recollections of his acquaintances.

One of the most extensive studies of Paul Sawyier was first conducted by Dr. Willard R. Jillson in the 1930s. In October 1939, Jillson published "A Bibliography of Paul Sawyier, American Artist (1865-1917)" in the "Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society." Jillson collected letters and interviewed Sawyier's friends and family.

Other key references about Sawyier include "The Art of Paul Sawyier," by Arthur F. Jones and, most recently, "Paul Sawyier – Kentucky Artist," by William Donald Coffey. In 1974, author Nettie Glenn wrote a biographical novel about the artist entitled, "Love to All, Your Paul."

Today, the Kentucky Historical Society has the world's largest collection of Paul Sawyier paintings.



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