Bellevue, Kentucky

Historical Marker #1351 in Campbell County commemorates the city of Bellevue, Kentucky, which was named for property owned by a prominent War of 1812 veteran.

James Taylor was a banker, politician, extensive land owner, and War of 1812 officer who owned a farm in Campbell County. When a town was incorporated on what was his original land grant for military service, it was named Bellevue, which was the name of Taylor's home.

Taylor was born and raised in Virginia and moved to Kentucky in 1793. He helped establish the city of Newport, and there he became a prominent land owner. In 1803, Taylor helped secure a U.S. Army post there, which ultimately became the Newport Barracks.

Because of Taylor's prominence, he was appointed an army paymaster. When the War of 1812 erupted, he became quartermaster general for General William Hull and campaigned near Detroit.

Although Taylor died in 1848, when the city of Bellevue was incorporated and named, town founders honored the original landowner.