Washington County

Historical Marker #853 commemorates the gently rolling hills and pristine waters of Washington County. The area was discovered by white settlers on the eve of the Revolution, and, by war's end, many settlements had arisen. Far removed from danger, Washington County developed quickly.

The comfort and security of these emerging communities enticed many early travelers along the Wilderness Road to settle here. Washington County was the first county created by the Kentucky State Legislature and named for the first President, George Washington.

Springfield, the county seat, straddles the old Wilderness Trace. The hundred year-old buildings look down upon the modern US 150. Throughout the county are other relics of Washington County's long history.

Residents of Springfield take special pride in the Lincoln family history so prevalent in the area. President Lincoln's grandfather, Abraham Sr., brought his family to Washington County in 1782 and settled in the Beech Fork area, approximately five miles north of Springfield. President Lincoln's parents, Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks, were married in Washington County and their original marriage records are in the Washington County Clerk's office.