Piatt's Landing

Historical Marker #1646 notes Piatt’s Landing. Located at East Bend Bottoms, Piatt's Landing is the area associated with members of the Piatt Family.

The Piatt family was a large and prominent family not only in Boone County but the entire Ohio Valley area. Robert Piatt, maternal grandfather of famous Civil War General Edward Richard Sprigg Canby, bought 200 acres of land. In 1814, he built the house that became known as Winfield Cottage, which is perhaps the most historically significant building associated with the property, and was the main residence for the Piatts and later families that lived in Piatt's Landing. The home was destroyed when Cincinnati Gas and Electric bought 1500 acres and constructed the East Bend Power Plant.

Jacob Piatt, who served under General Washington during the Revolutionary War, was the youngest of five sons of John Piatt and Frances Wyckoff. He came to Boone County around 1795 with his wife, Hannah Cook McCullough, and children. Jacob built a grand home called Federal Hall on the Ohio River just north of Petersburg. Jacob served as Boone County Judge for 13 years. Jacob’s brothers John, Abraham, and Daniel also came to the area and their children and descendants were prominent lawyers, bankers, and businessmen. Two of the descendants were in literary fields- Donn Piatt was a writer for the Cincinnati newspapers and John James Piatt was a poet.